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What is the difference between a Emergency and Standard Notifications?
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One of the ways we keep our costs down is by utilizing cutting-edge proprietary technologies to share multiple phone lines/number amongst all of our users. This provides a platform with a rapid send rate for all without requiring users to purchase their own phone numbers.

That being said, at any given time, we have a fair amount of data being queued, processed, and trasmitted on our systems.

Standard Notifications are queued in line behind previously sent notifications that may not yet be done sending. This option is for non-emergency notifications that can be sent in a matter of minutes, rather than seconds.

Sending an Emergency Notification will cause the rest of our systems queueing, processing, and data transmission to come to a halt while it is moved to front of the line for immediate sending. This option is for notifications that need to be sent in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.

Note: Emergency Notifications incur an addition cost in Message Tokens.

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